We are now looking at payment options other than PayPal


TRANSTREAM®  is an on-demand service programmed to pay qualified translators instantly at the completion of each service call. Translators are paid in American dollars for each minute of service.

A qualified interpreter is an individual who has been assessed for professional skills, demonstrates a high level of proficiency in at least two languages and has the appropriate experience to interpret with skill and accuracy.

Experience and additional qualifications are a bonus that ensures a higher quality of the translation service. If you are a translator and would like to apply as an independent remote translator, submit a video application using our desktop recorder video option. You have up to 1 minute to introduce yourself to us. I suggest you write out your introduction and simply read it while using the recording app.

  • What is Your Name
  • Where Do you Live
  • What languages do you speak fluently?
  • Do you have experience in medical, legal, business or insurance translation services?
  • Do you use PayPal or Venmo?
  • TRANSTREAM® Pays instantly at the end of each session.

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